SnoozeBand™ 2.0 - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

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SnoozeBand™ 2.0 - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones - Snooze Band
SnoozeBand™ 2.0 - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones - Snooze Band
SnoozeBand™ 2.0 - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones - Snooze Band
SnoozeBand™ 2.0 - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones - Snooze Band
SnoozeBand™ 2.0 - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones - Snooze Band
SnoozeBand™ 2.0 - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones - Snooze Band
SnoozeBand™ 2.0 - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones
SnoozeBand™ 2.0 - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones - Snooze Band
SnoozeBand™ 2.0 - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones - Snooze Band
SnoozeBand™ 2.0 - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones - Snooze Band
SnoozeBand™ 2.0 - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones - Snooze Band
SnoozeBand™ 2.0 - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones - Snooze Band

Introducing Snoozeband 2.0 - The next level of sleep comfort ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Upgrade your sleep experience with Snoozeband 2.0, the ultimate sleep headphones designed with your utmost comfort in mind. We've taken our original Snoozeband and given it an incredible makeover to ensure you enjoy a night of undisturbed sleep like never before.

The ultra-lightweight fabric is perfect for warmer months and hot sleepers, whilst the 4mm headphones ensure ultimate side-sleeping bliss.

Key Features

● Ultra-thin 4mm speakers - perfect for side sleepers

● Automatic shut-off timing function for 1 or 2 hours

● Ultra breathable fabric - perfect for warmer months

● Adjustable velcro strap

● Built in Zip for easy battery and headphones access

● Up to 10-hour playtime from 1 charge 

● Integrated microphone 

● Perfect for sports and other activities 

● Fully washable

● Compatible with any Bluetooth device

● No flashing light when audio is played

● No disturbing voice prompts like "battery low" or "power off"

Shipping information

We offer free standard delivery (Royal Mail 48) on all orders in the UK. Orders are shipped from our UK warehouse and take 2-5 business days to arrive depending on the chosen shipping method.

We offer FREE international delivery on orders over £95. For orders under £95, the shipping cost depends on the country of the final destination.

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What's in the box

- SnoozeBand headphones

- Protective satin pouch

- Instruction manual

- Charging cable

Money-Back Guarantee

Try SnoozeBand™ risk-free for 15 days - if it's not for you, no hard feelings! Get in touch and send it back within 15 days for a full refund.

Product Specifications

Battery life: 8-10 hours from 1 charge

Charging time: 1 hour

Frequency Range: 20HZ-20KHZ

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2

Charging: Via included USBC cable

Experience the next level of sleep comfort

The ultimate sleep companion that takes comfort, style and convenience to new heights.

  • ❖ Comfy for side sleepers

  • ❖ Perfect fit for all

  • ❖ Stay cool and comfy all night

  • ❖ Easy access, hassle-free

  • ❖ Automatic shut-off timer

  • ❖ Headband & sleep mask in one

Our ultra-thin speakers fit seamlessly within the soft headband, allowing you to drift off to sleep in any position without compromising on sound quality. Whether you're listening to soothing melodies, white noise, or your favorite podcasts, Snoozeband provides a gentle and immersive audio experience.

The adjustable Velcro strap ensures a customised fit for every head shape and size. No more worrying about discomfort or slippage – Snoozeband 2.0 stays securely in place all night long.

The ultra-lightweight fabric provides enhanced breathability, making Snoozeband 2.0 the perfect choice for those warm Summer nights or hot sleepers. Experience maximum airflow and wake up feeling refreshed.

Say goodbye to fumbling in the dark! Snoozeband 2.0 features a convenient built-in zip, allowing you to easily access, remove and adjust the headphones to your liking. No more struggling to find the perfect position.

With its smart shut down timing function, you can enjoy extended battery life without the need for daily charging. Set the timer for 1 or 2 hours, and the Snoozeband will power down automatically as you drift off to dreamland.

Whether you're hitting the gym, lounging at home, or ready to drift off into dreamland, simply adjust the Snoozeband to fit your needs. Wear it as a headband or effortlessly transform it into a sleep mask for uninterrupted rest and relaxation.

SnoozeBand™ 2.0 - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones - Snooze Band
SnoozeBand™ 2.0 - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones - Snooze Band
SnoozeBand™ 2.0 - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones - Snooze Band
SnoozeBand™ 2.0 - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones - Snooze Band

Works with all sleep & audio apps

SnoozeBand Benefits

  • Sleep soundly

    The natural, drug-free solution for better sleep

  • Improved mood

    Because better sleep means better everything

  • Reduced stress & anxiety

    Calm your body & mind by listening to relaxing sounds

  • Increased focus & energy

    Wake up refreshed, ready to tackle your busy day!

How does Snoozeband 2.0 compare?


What's the main difference to the original Snoozeband?

The new updates include an adjustable velcro strap, ensuring a perfect and snug fit for any head size. We've also enhanced the fabric for better breathability and integrated a built-in Zip for easier headphones access and removal.

I'm a side sleeper - is is suitable for me?

Yes. The headphones are only 4mm and covered by soft foam, so you can’t feel them even when sleeping on your side. Unlike cheaper alternatives on the market that feature bulky plastic headphones, Snoozeband is designed to offer maximum comfort in any sleeping position.

I have a small/large head - will it fit?

Yes! The adjustable velcro strap ensures a perfect fit, no matter your head shape or size.

How long does the battery last?

The battery life is roughly 10 hours so more than enough for your 8 hour sleep and more! It takes around 1-2 hours for the band to be fully charged.

How do you charge it?

Charging the Snoozeband 2.0 is super simple! You can access the charging port via the built-in hidden Zip.

can i wash the snoozeband?

Sure! Simply remove the electronics before washing and put them back in when dried. We recommend hand-washing it to make sure the material stays soft.

is there a flashing light when it plays?

No, Snoozeband only flashes for a few seconds when switched on. As soon as it's paired with your device the light stops, so there's no anoying flashing light that keeps you or your partner awake at night!

does it have an auto switch-off timer?

Yes! You can set the timer to switch off automatically after 1 or 2 hours.

When switched on, double click the "+" button for power off in 1 hour, double click again for power off in 2 hours.

is there a "Battery low" voice notification?

Unlike cheaper alternatives, Snoozeband will never wake you up with a "low battery" or "power off" voice.

what are the shipping times?

Domestic orders (within the UK) take 1-5 business days to arrive. For the fastest delivery time please choose Royal Mail 1st Class at checkout.

International orders take roughly 7-15 business days depending on the country of the final destination.

Do you offer a warranty?

At Snoozeband we stand behind the quality of our products. Should you encounter a manufacturing defect, let us know within 1 Year of purchase and we will exchange your Snoozeband for a new one, free of charge.

Customer Reviews

Based on 108 reviews
Mr J S Hacker
Really impressed

I had previously bought cheap Bluetooth headbands off Amazon (£15). I couldn’t sleep sideways without my ears hurting and they broke after about 8pm the. I wasn’t sure about paying the much higher price for the SnoozeBand but so far off has been worth it. I genuinely can’t feel the speakers when I lie on my side and it is very comfortable.

Awesome for side sleepers

These headphones are super comfortable with good sound quality. They have transformed my sleep enabling me to listen to podcasts as I drift off comfortably.

Love it

I recently received my snoozeband and love listening to music whilst laying on the sofa whilst the family are watching TV - no more sore ears through using earphones. I can also listen to music or podcasts during the night if I can't sleep without waking hubby. Highly recommended

Gemma adams
Does the job and is really comfy, I love it

I’m really happy with this, it’s perfect to sleep in and listen to audiobooks before falling asleep, I was actually looking for something that doubles as ear plugs and audio, this does not exist, but I wear my ear plugs and this and can still hear, then don’t get woken by husband snoring in the night, plus covers my eyes, it’s perfect! Timer on, audio on, bang on.

Jane Pidgeon
A game changer!

I have trouble sleeping unless I have the radio on most of the night to relax me and divert my thoughts to. Up until now I either slept in a different room or had one earphone on at a time (side sleeper) which I kept having to change ears whenever I moved in the night. The SnoozeBand has changed this completely. It’s comfortable to wear all night whichever side I sleep on. Added bonus is that if it falls over my eyes then it blocks out the light in the morning too. The sound is good - perfectly adequate for podcasts etc. I am very happy with my purchase - I thought the price was very reasonable too.