Product Questions

Q. Im a side sleeper. Can I actually use the Snoozeband to sleep in all night?

A. Yes! Snoozeband is designed for all types of sleepers no matter what your head/pillow position is! Snoozeband is designed to give you 100% comfort all night with its breathable and lightweight materials.

Q. How long does the battery last? 

A. Snoozeband has a 10 hour playing battery life so more than enough for your 8 hour sleep and more! We wanted a longer battery duration as Snoozeband can also but used for your outdoor walks, Yoga and much more! A 2 hour charge time will give you 10 hours of playing time.

Q.How do you charge the Snoozeband?

A. At the front of the Snoozeband there is a charging port which you can easily plug in and charge. Every order comes with a charging cable. 

Q. How do you connect the Snoozeband to my phone?

A. You can connect your Snoozeband to any bluetooth device like your phone/ tablet & laptop with ease! Make sure your device is charged and powered on. Press the play button for 5 seconds and you will see the lights begin to flash. Once this happens open your desired device you want to connect to in the bluetooth menu and select to pair.

Q. Am I able to wash the Snoozeband?

A. Yes! The best thing about Snoozeband is that the headphones are fully removable. Simply throw it into the washing machine and put the devices back in when dried!

Q. I want to use my Snoozeband for the gym and other activities 

A. The Snoozeband is extremely light and comfortable with moisture wicking breathable material so its perfect for all types of sports. It's very easy to wash after any sweaty activity!

Q. Is the Snoozeband one size fits all? I have quite a big head compared to my wife

A. The Snoozeband is made from stretchy fabric so it adapts to your head size. 


If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us at contact@snoozeband.co.uk